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SNECMA belongs to the SAFRAN Group and is one of the world's top aerospace companies, with leadership positions in its core businesses of propulsion. In 2009 it had consolidated revenues of 4.3 billion Euro and 12 500 employees worldwide. SNECMA designs and produces a wide range of aerospace and aeronautics propulsion systems, ranging from satellite thrusters developing just a few grams of thrust to turbo-aero-engines for military and commercial airplanes developing from seven to thirty five thousands pounds thrust and to the solid rocket engines for Ariane 5, each of them delivering 650 tons thrust.

SNECMA is a fully-fledged designer and manufacturer of military aircraft engines, which power more than twenty different types of fighters, training and transport aircrafts for 47 air forces worldwide. In the commercial aviation sector, SNECMA primarily builds CFM56 engines for Airbus and Boeing jetliners in an equal partnership with General Electric. By end 2009, more than 20 000 CFM56 engines were in service with more than 500 operators around the world. The CFM56 engine family is the world's best selling engine for airplanes with over 100 seats, and has won more than 60% of the cumulated market over the past five years.

SNECMA has also designed in partnership with the Russian manufacturer SATURN a new engine, SaM146, for short-range regional jets (70 to 90 seats). At last, SNECMA is presently carrying on the development of a fully new engine, named "Silvercrest", for large business jets.

As regards Research standpoint, SNECMA teams up with more than fifteen major European Research centres, universities and laboratories. These programmes span a wide range of disciplines, enabling SNECMA to maintain and enhance its reputation for excellence in the cutting-edge technologies needed for air and space propulsion.